Now Streaming From Your Favorite Local Venue

SubJam announces an online audio broadcasting and recording station for venues.

The premise is pretty simple: Document and stream every show.

The Blue Room

We’ve put together an open source hardware and software solution for venues who want to offer artists an option to broadcast audio of their performance online. It hooks up directly to sound consoles and can also record and share streams on the SubJam platform in high quality.

As we continue to flesh things out, feedback from early-adopter artists, venues and fans will have a big impact on the final product.

The Shakedown

Our current test group has shown us that listening to live broadcasts of events happening locally invokes a desire to go down and experience shows in person. There’s a feeling of acquainting oneself with a place; the sounds of the music and the room, the applause and artist-fan interaction all help warm patrons up to checking for and attending future events of interest.

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