Subjam’s ‘New Sound’

The new Subjam iOS beta app (released today) makes a move to “Ogg Opus” for audio.

This means we’ve made broadcasters from this point forward sound even better, while requiring less data. Win-win! It also cuts a path toward implementing some pretty cool features in the future (win-win-win!)

Ogg Opus is an audio codec & container format that’s:

  • Modern
  • High quality
  • Featureful
  • Built for sharing
  • Derived of Open Source Software

Fulfilling our Social Purpose: Moving to Ogg Opus is a pretty big milestone for Subjam. In fact, it’s been on our radar since Day 1. As a Washington (US) based SPC, one of our Social Purposes (baked into our bylaws) is to “Promote content under free/libre licenses”. Along with supporting Creative Commons as a license family to share broadcasts, we’re fulfilling the technical side of our promise by using free and open source software to support content distribution with open media codecs. Subjam wouldn’t exist without open source software and we’re proud to be part of a monumental software movement that we believe can inspire real social and cultural change. Shout-out to the SJ dev teams! We’re accomplishing some pretty amazing things. Speaking of, you can talk to us about helping fund our next goals, such as Scenes and the Android version here.

We give heartfelt thanks to our growing community.

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