About Us

"Let's Make a Scene"

Once upon a time, a local radio station that promoted the area’s independent artists suddenly went off the air. Musicians, fans and venues were left out in the cold. Something had to be done.

So we made SubJam, a community run streaming radio network for every music scene, everywhere.

We’re musicians and music fans scratching our own itch. We’re building a platform that’s like having a radio station for every music scene in the world. Any location, any genre. All artist, fan and venue generated content. All geared toward getting more promotion, exposure and ultimately more people out to shows!

We want to host spontaneous and unforgettable experiences with live broadcasting, recording (optional) and making it available on demand and in rotation. We want an app where we hang out online, so we can hang out later at the show.

We want to focus on audio because that’s the space where music lives. We also have a strong nostalgia toward community radio. We think these types of tools will be a lot of fun to use for the artist and the music fan to use. We’ll definitely venture into video, but we’re growing our roots strong in sound first.

We just released our first beta in January 2024. This version allows live audio broadcasting of all types (performances, interviews/talks, promotional segments, etc.) with recording. You’ll be able to use the same app to listen to live and past broadcasts. You’ll be able to search for artists and other information. Subsequent releases will improve our scene features such as creating and joining scenes, and getting updates directly from them in your feed. From there we’ve got a long list of amazing features to add, all built around music and community.

We’re currently seeking investors who share our vision. We encourage you to reach out if you’re interested in helping us achieve our goals.


SubJam is organized as a Social Purpose Corporation (SPC). Our social purposes as described in our charter are to:

  • Positively affect global music culture
  • Support music communities, and
  • Promote content under free/libre licenses

You can read about SubJam’s founder here.