About Us

"Let's Make a Scene"

Once upon a time, a local radio station that promoted the area’s independent artists suddenly went off the air. Local musicians, fans and venues were left out in the cold. Something had to be done to save the scene.

So we made SubJam, a place to call home for any music scene.

We bring the vital elements of any music scene together – artists, fans and live music venues. We provide a platform for you to upload music, listen to your own scene’s streaming radio, broadcast live, promote upcoming events and more.

We’re a Social Purpose Corporation. Our mission is to support local music communities everywhere.

We work with artists, venues and fans to help support their local music communities. Our social purposes as described in our charter are to:

  • Positively affect global music culture
  • Support music communities, and
  • Promote content under free/libre licenses

Our first goal is to complete the ground-up design of a local music streaming network. This brand new platform will include live audio broadcasting, local music scene promotion and unique social networking features designed specifically for promoting local music, artists and live events in your area.

You can read about SubJam’s founder here.

We’re currently seeking investors who share our vision.

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