Audio stream bug fixed, and more

SubJam v1.0b40 (beta) was just released today. This build is recommended for all of you current beta testers:

  • Fixes audio stream not initializing for some devices
  • Updates to latest version of the Opus audio codec (1.5.2)

If you don’t have the beta yet and have an iPhone, iPad or Apple OSX computer, you can help test it here.

If you’re already signed up and have a previous beta, just go to your TestFlight app and hit that Update button.

There are plenty of recordings of people going, “Test, test, test” – we love this. No, really, we do! It’s been tricky getting the streaming working for everyone flawlessly and couldn’t have gotten this far without you. 🙂

We’d love to hear a quick sound check from you. Please get the app and start a broadcast: Say hi, tell us your name, where you’re from and what kind of music you like to play (or listen to). Make sure you can hear it when you’re done by going to the Recorded screen and hit the Play button.

We’re going to be featuring all of these first broadcasts in some pretty cool ways. We’re thinking limited edition beta-tester CDs/tapes/radio stations, or maybe broadcasting them up into space with a special antenna. No, really. We’ve got lots of ideas to thank you for being a part of the SubJam Beta team.

We’ve got a few other key improvements for this version and then we’ll be starting to focusing on our Android beta. We know a lot of you have been waiting for this, so stay tuned!

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