SubJam is a streaming radio network run by musicians and their local scenes. [About Us]


     – Musicians: Stream

     – Fans: Discover

     – Venues: Promote


Latest Update (2023/11/19): [We Made a Flyer]

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Your Scene's Radio

SubJam is an (under development) live radio streaming platform for musicians. Our goal is to give communities of artists, fans and venues great tools to help build their IRL scenes, starting with sound.


With SubJam you can broadcast live performances, do interviews, promote upcoming gigs and hang out online. Broadcasts are recorded and available to listen to later like a podcast.


Once our MVP is complete we’ll welcome our very first beta testers on board.


We have lots of cool features planned, so subscribe to our newsletter for release updates and to find out how to become one of the first users of SubJam!

Our Focus


Music is life. We want to give you live social tools to reach more fans, fill more rooms and have a lot of fun doing it! Ready for a mic check?


You provide the stage, the atmosphere and the unforgettable experiences. We’re here to help promote and document your events, and fill your space with happy patrons.


A great artist once said, ‘Music scenes are just really big groups of friends’. We like this way of looking at it. We want you to use SubJam to find artists, venues and other music fans in your town.


Instrument and retail music stores, recording and rehearsal studios, music schools and instructors, labels, promoters, talent buyers, booking agents, sound and lighting engineers… You’re all the glue that binds your scene together. SubJam aims to provide new ways for you to find the best clients and make your business a success.

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Our Social Purpose

We are SUBJAM, SPC: a Washington State based Social Purpose Corporation.

Our charter includes specific social purposes in which we are committed to deliver. These are the reasons why SubJam exists and the core motivations that drive us. We move forward every day with the intention to:

  1. Positively affect global music culture
  2. Specifically support music communities
  3. Promote content under free/libre licenses

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