Early Access

SubJam is a live audio broadcasting network for musicians and music fans. Our mission is to provide a way for people to socialize around a common passion for local, original music.

SubJam will harness how music scenes work and offer a mobile app that focuses on audio livestreaming and interaction.


  • Music scene creation and management
  • Audio livestreaming, recording, offline play
  • Voice based interaction with artists and fans

Benefits for Artists:

  • Scenes help fans discover and support artists
  • Audio streaming broadcasts the human elements
  • Voice chat provides rich interaction

Benefits for Music Fans:

  • Join a new group of friends based on similar musical interests
  • Livestreams give the live performance experience
  • Experience the most natural way to chat with voice

We are centered around the Creative Commons licensing framework.

SubJam will be a Social Purpose Corporation (SPC). Our mission is to support the art of music!

SubJam will be available on iOS and Android with more to come after launch, including web and Alexa.

We have already written the streaming code for Android (See Cool Mic). The rest can be written once we have proper funding.

For inquiries, you may contact us directly here.

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