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[ UPDATE: July 14, 2024 ]

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What is SubJam?

It’s a new live audio streaming app focused on promoting local music scenes.


We’re actively developing our beta for Apple/iOS devices (get it here.) With it you can stream and listen to live audio, like a community radio/podcast feed. Perform a song, do a band interview, talk about an upcoming event you’re excited about.


Broadcasts are recorded and available on demand right from the app. They’re  also streamed on SubJam’s main online radio station (coming soon).


We’re currently working to fix bugs that users report in the beta, build in music scene functionality, venue profiles, and finish our Android beta. We need your help to get there! Please help fund these milestones.

Our Focus


We want to provide digital tools to amplify your voice locally and beyond.


We’re here to help promote your upcoming events and fill your rooms.


A great artist once said, ‘Music scenes are just really big groups of friends’. Find them all here.


We’re organically local. Advertise with us, to music fans in your area. Pretty simple.

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Our Social Purpose

We’re a Washington State based Social Purpose Corporation

Our charter includes specific social purposes in which we are committed to deliver. These are the reasons why SubJam exists and the core motivations that drive us. We move forward with the intention to:

  1. Positively affect global music culture
  2. Specifically support music communities
  3. Promote content under free/libre licenses

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