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SubJam supports local music by providing a mobile app that acts as a community hub. Features include: Live music broadcasting with recording and playback. Voice and text based interaction. Local artist, gig, venue and music biz promotion.

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Local Music Communities

Make a Scene

There is no substitute for going to a concert in person. We know this. Our purpose is to help promote all of your shows, concerts, gigs, open-mics, festivals and other in-real-life events. We do this by providing ways for musicians, music fans, venues and other music related businesses to connect online in their local areas and beyond. Let’s make a scene!

Core Features

Musical Performance Broadcasting

SubJam lets musicians of all genres, types and anywhere in the world broadcast live performances to their local scenes and beyond.

Voice based interaction

Sound is a focal point for SubJam. This includes an audio-centric features like voice chat and messaging with artists and other users. Shout it out!

Recording and Sharing

Record, download and share your favorite broadcasts for free, anywhere. SubJam believes in sharing music openly.

For Musicians, By Musicians

Artist Profiles

Our artist profile tool lets your fans know exactly who you are. Include your bio, picture and links to other important URLs. Your profile also holds past recordings for fans and other artists to listen to. We planning a cutting edge feature set around profiles to maximize your reach on and offline.

Live Musicians

Livestreaming and other online music services are amazing technological feats, but they’ll never replace going to a live show in person. Our goal is to supplement in-real-life events by providing a central platform to connect musicians with music fans in their local area and beyond. Promote your next shows, hold interviews and build up a following with SubJam.

A Better Ecosystem

The global music industry depends on local music communities everywhere to survive. SubJam has years of firsthand experience promoting local music. We’re ready to make the world a better place for musicians, bands, artists and other musical groups of all genres and types.

A Grassroots Effort

Our mission is to create a better world through community and music. You’ll be surprised how quickly SubJam gains traction once people understand how we aim to execute this simple yet powerful idea. If you’re a musician, you have a unique opportunity to sign up early with this groundbreaking platform.

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Music Fan Favorite

Browse Live Music Streams

Discover and listen to live music happening right on your phone. Invite your friends to listen with you, get social and coordinate to see their next show.

Follow Artists

Like what you hear? Follow your favorite artists. You’ll get notifications about their next broadcasts, shows and more sent right to your phone.

Download, Share, Make Friends

SubJam knows that sharing is caring. Creative Commons licenses allow you to download live broadcasts for offline play and share them openly with anyone else. Make friends on and offline with this future feature.

Get Updated

Get the latest updates on SubJam’s progress delivered to your Inbox. No obligations and we don’t share your data with anyone.

Our Social Purpose

We are SUBJAM, SPC, a Social Purpose Corporation founded in 2021.

Our charter includes specific social purposes in which we are committed to deliver. These are the reasons why SubJam exists and the core motivations that drive us. We move forward every day with the intention to:

  1. Positively affect global music culture
  2. Specifically support music communities
  3. Promote content under free/libre licenses



We have a working demo app for Android which includes live audio streaming and listening functionality. This app is available upon request for demo purposes. We invite you to connect with us.


Join Us

Are you an impact investor interested in our vision? Please help us enact real change in the world of music.

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