SubJam is livestreaming built for local music communities.

Our goal is to bring a positive impact to the world of music by offering modern tools to create, promote, perform and share  it.

SubJam harnesses how music communities/scenes work to incubate new artists and musicians, attract new music fans and create engaging online environments for them both to thrive together.

We believe we can achieve mass adoption by providing genre agnostic tools to the countless unique communities of the greater music world. Online music scene creation, performance livestreaming, group voice interaction and ongoing contests are a few of the first cornerstone features we are implementing to make this happen.

Our team has IRL music scene experience through past projects, promotions, bands, and just plain being huge local music fans. Based on feedback from artists, bands, groups of all types and music fans over the years, we know SubJam will be a hit everywhere around the world.


  • Music scene creation and management
  • Livestreaming, recording, offline play
  • Voice based social interaction with artists and fans

Benefits for Artists:

  • Scenes help fans discover and support artists
  • Livestreaming broadcasts the raw human elements
  • Voice chat provides rich user interaction

Benefits for Music Fans:

  • Join a new group of friends based on similar musical interests
  • Livestreams give the live performance experience
  • Experience the most natural way to chat with voice

We promote music with the Creative Commons licensing framework.

SubJam, SPC is a  Washington state (US) Social Purpose Corporation.

SubJam will be available on Android and iOS with more to follow, including web and Alexa.

We have already written the streaming code for Android (See sister project Cool Mic). We are working to bring SubJam to life as soon as possible. If you would like to help in any way, please contact us.

For any inquiries or feedback you may contact us directly here.


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