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SubJam is a U.S. based Social Purpose Corporation that offers tools for musicians, venues and fans to build and strengthen local music communities. Broadcast live, promote, share, socialize and discover great music in your town (and beyond). Let’s make a scene!


Investor Update (2022/09/01): Updated deck, iOS app work, new blog

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Support Local Music

Let's Make a Scene

SubJam’s purpose is to provide useful tools to musicians, music fans, venues and other music businesses. Our first offering is a local music streaming platform which will provide a live broadcasting feature, creation of ‘scenes’ (communities of any size, any genre and at any location on Earth), audio-focused social interaction, and other functionality specifically designed for building strong music communities everywhere.

What Can You Do on SubJam?


SubJam lets musicians of any genre or type broadcast live performances to their local scenes and beyond.

Interact with Audio

Sound is a focal point in SubJam. This includes voice chat and messaging between users among countless other possibilities of interaction.

Record and Share

Record, download and share broadcasts for free. SubJam believes that sharing openly fosters strong music ecosystems where everyone wins by supporting each other.

Our Focus


SubJam is built from the ground up to support artists, bands, musicians and other musical groups of all shapes and sizes. Our platform provides you with tools that help you get more fans in your area, and get them to your performances. We want to help get you a large, loyal following right in your town.

Live Music Venues

Venues are where all the magic happens. They provide the stages, the rooms, the experiences. SubJam is dedicated to helping live venues of all shapes and sizes gain more consistent and quality engagement – and patrons through promotion on our platform.

Music Fans

A great artist once said, “Music scenes are just really big groups of friends.” The goal of SubJam ‘scenes’ are to help music fans, artists and others make meaningful connections with each other on and offline, starting right in your hometown.  When the community is strong, everyone wins.

Local Business

Instrument and retail music stores, recording and rehearsal studios, music schools and instructors, radio stations, labels, promoters, sound engineers, lighting… SubJam supports all of you. We provide you and other local businesses with methods to advertise, engage your potential customers and ultimately get you more business. It’s all about local.

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Initial Release Features

Live Music Streaming

Discover and listen to live music happening right in your town. Invite your friends, get social and have fun with experiencing live events with those close to you.

Subscribe to Artists

Like what you hear? Subscribe to your favorite artists. You’ll get notifications about their next broadcasts, shows and more sent right to your phone.

Download and Share

SubJam knows that sharing is caring. We promote using Creative Commons licenses which allow users to download live broadcasts for offline play and share them with others openly. This allows for vibrant, viral exposure within your local scene and beyond.

Our Social Purpose

We are SUBJAM, SPC, a Social Purpose Corporation founded in 2021.

Our charter includes specific social purposes in which we are committed to deliver. These are the reasons why SubJam exists and the core motivations that drive us. We move forward every day with the intention to:

  1. Positively affect global music culture
  2. Specifically support music communities
  3. Promote content under free/libre licenses