Jordan Erickson

Founder & CEO

Music and technology have both always been cornerstones in my life.

Music: I fell in love with music before I can remember, likely due to my father restoring a Wurlitzer 1080A jukebox. I played piano and trumpet in elementary school as well as being in the school choir, and started self-learning bass guitar at 15. I love jamming on any instrument I can get my hands on.

I’ve been in 7 rock/punk/metal that I can remember, some having longer stints than others. I’ve created a lot of music on my own. I love my loop pedal. I need to practice more.

In 2011 I led a volunteer promotional website and streaming online radio project, to help support our local rock scene after our city’s only supporting radio station was taken over by a large media corp. It was by working with other local artists, fans, and venues that I got the idea of SubJam.

Tech: I’ve worked for Mom & Pop computer shops, ISPs, MSPs, global data satellite companies, municipal governments, energy and financial industries, and ran an independent technical consulting company for 20 years. I now use my technical chops to build the SubJam back end system & network infrastructure.

I’m an ‘old-school hacker‘, having cut my teeth on Commodore and Texas Instruments computers in the 80’s starting at age 5, graduating to PCs at 12 and running a BBS at 15. I started using GNU/Linux in 1997 and am ferociously passionate about open source philosophy.


I have the technical skills and motivation to make an impactful difference in my lifetime. I believe culture shapes this world more than anything else, and that SubJam can serve to steer us all in a more positive direction.