SubJam, SPC Founder & CEO Jordan Erickson

Jordan Erickson

CEO & Founder


I am a computer nerd and a musician.

I’ve been fascinated with computers and technology since I was 5 years old (I’m 41 now) when my dad introduced me to our new Commodore 64 computer. I would sit in front of our TV set with it and not only play video games (favorites included Shamus, Frogger, Donkey Kong, Ms. Pacman and the classic text adventure Zork), but would also read the C-Basic manual with my older brother and learn how to make simple programs. From then on I developed an undeniably powerful motivation and excitement to learn how technology worked. That feeling has only gotten stronger over time.

I grew up alongside the Internet and have been obsessed with it as well as with Linux and the F/OSS movement. More recently I’ve discovered how Creative Commons aligns with these ideals and could very well become a power in liberating art.

I’m also a lifelong music fan and musician. My dad restored a 1946 Wurlitzer 1080A jukebox close to the time I was born and so I had access to this beautiful and functional piece of music history from an early age. The lights and the sounds started a love affair between music and me that has also grown seemingly with no sign of stopping. I played piano and trumpet at age 9 and started playing bass guitar at age 14. I’ve been in multiple bands over the years and have had some amazing opportunities to play live shows. Playing live in front of an audience started my understanding of how music scenes worked and how important they are to local culture.

The artists I met while playing in these groups became friends and our music scene grew strong when we all worked together. This was the genesis of SubJam – to help support music communities around the world by offering easy to use online tools for them to connect and community-build.

I bring this all with me as I bring SubJam to the next stages.


Owner, Logical Networking Solutions (Small & medium-size business I.T. consultancy)
Systems & Network Administrator, Advanced Projects International
Systems and Network Technician/Administrator, Bank of Petaluma / Greater Bay Bancorp.
System Builder, Hardware Technician - AdN2000 Computer Center


Systems + Network Administration, DevOps90%
Music Scene Promotion80%
Project Management85%

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