Epic Sells Bandcamp to Songtradr, Axes 50% of Staff

SubJam stands with Bandcamp staff, one of the good guys of independent music streaming, as they experience layoffs and resignations shortly after being bought by Epic and subsequently sold to Songtradr.

Bandcamp is so much more than just another music streaming platform. They’re a worldwide community of independent artists and fans. They are their own scene. But it seems that the inertia that was built from these powerful ideals, along with the blood, sweat and tears of its team, is all but brickwalled in the face of money. Shame on those who saw bank notes as more important than notes on a music staff.

As a company who strives to get off the ground to build a movement in spirit not unlike the grassroots efforts that sprouted Bandcamp, this Social Purpose Corporation welcomes current and former staff of Bandcamp to reach out. We’d love to hear from you! Stay true, stay safe and let this ‘closing door’ be a reminder of another one opening.

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