SubJam Donates to Foundation

SubJam, SPC is now a proud monthly donator to the foundation.

SubJam is a Social Purpose Corporation that has a specific purpose in our Articles of Incorporation, which states that we:

“shall promote music and other digital content under free, libre, or low cost licenses”

From the website:

“Our purpose is to support and develop free, open protocols and software to serve the public, developer and business markets.”

We are honored to contribute something back to those who have done so much for the F/OSS community.

Xiph’s role of producing modern, high quality media software and codecs under open source licenses helps steer the Internet media landscape toward openness and away from proprietary vendor lock-in. The SubJam live music streaming platform streams media in Xiph codecs (opus in particular). This was a choice not only because of proven superior audio quality-to-size to most other modern codecs, but that it’s also a perfect example of success in a large open source project. It aligns in perfect harmony with SubJam’s purposes.

SubJam wishes for the continued success of the whole Xiph team far into the future.

We all benefit when we help create a better world through openness and sharing. Please consider donating to the foundation today.

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