SubJam HQ Now Located in Washington State


Just a short note that SubJam, SPC headquarters have been relocated from California to Washington state! We’re more than excited to operate out of the state SubJam was incorporated in last year.

Moving forward, our next steps are to work full time to bring SubJam to the masses. As music venues and other music related establishments navigate a post-Covid world, they need our support more than ever. Our passion is strong, our timing is near perfect and our outlook is extremely optimistic. Please join us by becoming a Patron or contacting us directly. We are extremely grateful to everyone who has contributed so far. Thank you all for becoming a part of our mission!

Taken directly from SubJam’s charter, our Social Purposes (among others) are to:

  • “Support independent music communities, musicians, music fans throughout the world”
  • “Strive to positively affect the global music culture”


Jordan Erickson
Founder & CEO

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