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SubJam promotes the use of Creative Commons licenses for live broadcasts on our platform.

From the CC website“Creative Commons is a nonprofit organization that helps overcome legal obstacles to the sharing of knowledge and creativity to address the world’s pressing challenges.”

To put it simply, CC promotes the open sharing of art in all of its forms, including music. This can include live performances and broadcasts of your music, which is what we specialize in.

As an artist, adopting a CC license for your broadcasts on SubJam gives you:

  • Ownership: You (the copyright holder) retain full copyright of your music and live/recorded broadcasts. Licensing your music or broadcasts with CC does not take away your legal copyright.
  • Exposure: You may require those who use your works to attribute you as the artist, spreading the word about you and your music.
  • Opportunity: You may allow people to download, share and use your broadcasts. You may even allow the use of your broadcasts for commercial purposes, such as playing them on a radio station.
  • Collaboration: You may allow others to remix and build upon your broadcast. This opens the door to including parts of your broadcasts on all kinds of different creative projects and platforms.

As a music fan, SubJam broadcasts licensed with CC gives you:

  • Convenience: You get the legally enforced right to download and share broadcasts with friends and others for free.
  • Community: You get to be part of helping build strong music scenes based on helping others discover local artists.
  • Support Channels: You get the ability to directly support artists through modern technical channels, making a more positive impact.
  • Respect: You can be proud to help bring musical performance into a new age where connections between fans and artists are stronger and more meaningful.

You can learn more about the options you get as an artist using Creative Commons licenses by using their online license chooser here.

We believe music is an art first and is meant to be shared widely and openly. The SubJam platform makes it easy for artists to promote themselves and their music in more impactful and meaningful ways that will ultimately benefit them even more fairly than the present.