Creative Commons

Creative Commons LogoSubJam promotes the use of Creative Commons (CC) licenses on our platform. We are strong advocates of Free and Open Source Software (F/OSS) – in fact, this digital stage couldn’t exist without it! The spirit of the open source movement has a special kind of relationship with the Creative Commons project, one that shares a philosophy of the open sharing of software with one of creative works (including music and musical performances). The Internet came to flourish with the global adoption of F/OSS and open standards. We can apply these practices to other aspects of our lives. Creative Commons is an opt-in licensing framework to do just that.

As an artist, adopting a CC license on SubJam gives you:

  • Ownership: You (the copyright holder) retain full copyright of your music and live/recorded broadcasts. Licensing your music or broadcasts with CC does not take away your legal copyright. Note that CC is sometimes confused with Public Domain but is a completely different approach.
  • Exposure: You may require those who use your works to attribute you as the artist whenever they use it, helping spread the word about you as an original artist.
  • Opportunity: You may allow people to download, share and use your broadcasts. You may even choose to allow the use of your broadcasts for commercial purposes, such as playing them on a commercial radio station.
  • Collaboration: You may allow others to remix and build upon your broadcast. This opens the door to including your music in all kinds of different creative projects.

As a music fan, adopting a CC license on SubJam gives you:

  • Convenience: You get the legally enforced right to download and share broadcasts with friends and others, for free.
  • Community: You get to be part of building meaningful connections with others, based on your mutual love of music and open sharing.
  • Support Channels: You have the ability to support artists directly, financial or otherwise, growing a more fruitful music ecosystem.
  • Satisfaction: You can be proud to help bring music into a new age where friendships between fans, artists and the overall community are strong.

You can learn more about Creative Commons here.