Creative Commons

SubJam is centered around music. More than just music, however, SubJam creates an ecosystem that encourages artists to cover other artists’ original songs. We do this by utilizing the Creative Commons licensing framework.

Creative Commons encourages artists to cover others’ works (Re-Mixing) and ensures original artists are accredited whenever they are played and remixed by others. It allows artists to retain full copyright of their works while also allowing use by others according to the specific license they choose. Whether you’re sharing a new favorite song with a friend, giving an artist some airtime on your local terrestrial radio station or including a track in your podcast, the open sharing of music with the requirement of attribution maximizes artist exposure.

This system can quickly cause unknown artists to go viral. Take for example the established SubJam artist with thousands of followers covering a song from a relatively new SubJam artist with only a few. The otherwise underground artist’s exposure will surge high as fans ‘climb the chain’ to listen to other versions of the song.

We’re confident that true artists and music fans will find a lot of excitement and reward in participating in an open system such as the ones SubJam offers.

SubJam will also implement ways for people to give back to artists who share their music. This respectful and honest gifting system is another exciting aspect of our overall goals to allow the free sharing of music where people are morally motivated to support the artists that create it.

Please visit the Creative Commons website to learn more.


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