We’re building a live and local music streaming network:


     – Musicians: Broadcast

     – Fans: Discover

     – Venues: Promote


Investor Update (2023/04/06): Introducing Venue Streaming Stations

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About SubJam

Let's Make a Scene

We’re a new local music streaming network that’s built from the ground up to provide online audio streaming, recording and social networking tools in your town. Our focus is to promote independent artists and music venues, and to give music fans a central hub to discover what’s happening locally. Our goal is ultimately to get more people out to shows in their area.


I (Jordan Erickson, founder) championed the concept of SubJam after running a volunteer promotional website and streaming radio for local artists and venues in my city. I’d been a part of the scene in a number of different bands and as a fan for years, and there was a real need for promotion in our area after the only radio station who promoted local artists and their upcoming gigs suddenly went off-air. The response to the project was so overwhelmingly positive that I took a step back and realized that what I had could be scaled to any music scene wanting to grow.

Our Focus


Your talent and passion is what makes music incredible. Our mission is to help you engage with your local scene and beyond. We want to get you more fans and get them to your next gigs.


Venues are the cradles of a music scene. You provide the room, atmosphere and the unforgettable experiences. We’re here to help you promote yourselves and your upcoming shows – and fill your space with happy patrons.


A great artist once said that ‘Music scenes are just really big groups of friends’. We want to help reinforce this idea. We provide a new platform to help you find artists in your favorite genres, nearby venues that host them and people just like you who love music.


Instrument and retail music stores, recording and rehearsal studios, music schools and instructors, labels, promoters, talent buyers, booking agents, sound and lighting engineers… You’re the glue that binds the scene together. We want to provide new ways to reach your audience and get you more business.

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Our Social Purpose

We are SUBJAM, SPC: a Washington State based Social Purpose Corporation.

Our charter includes specific social purposes in which we are committed to deliver. These are the reasons why SubJam exists and the core motivations that drive us. We move forward every day with the intention to:

  1. Positively affect global music culture
  2. Specifically support music communities
  3. Promote content under free/libre licenses